Strat – Bell Airs 3 Pickup Set


1950s style Stratocaster 3 Pickup Set – Bell Airs

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This 1950s based three pickup set shares the same qualities as the best vintage examples – amazing clarity and liveliness, with lush bell-like overtones. This is set is very well balanced tonally, no mid-mud or brittle high end.

Neck: 5.6K, middle: 5.8K, bridge: 6K. Vintage Stagger, A5 magnets, vintage spec. heavy formvar 42AWG magnet wire. Wound on a vintage coil winding machine to vintage specs and wax bath for the ultimate in tone. No tone-killing vacuum potting.

Comes standard WITHOUT RWRP just like the originals for maximum tone in positions 2 & 4.

*RWRP for hum-canceling in positions 2 and 4 is available at no extra charge.

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Vintage Style-NOT RWRP, RWRP

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White, Aged White, Black