Sounds – P90 Pickups

Here are demos in a number of different settings, amps and players. More are available at the Tyson Tone Youtube channel. All Tyson Tone P90s are based on great sounding vintage examples I’ve had here – they are a replica of the sound, dynamics and feel that is not found in modern equivalents.

Charlie Starr from Blackberry Smoke with 57 Wraptail P90 in his 1956 Les Paul Junior:

57 Wraptail P90 Set through a vintage Gibson GA-20 and outboard Fender Reverb Tank

57 Wraptail P90 Set through JTM 45 Style Amp

57 Wraptail P90 Set through Tweed Deluxe

53 Wraptail set, Vintage ES-330 & Marshall JMP

57 Wraptail Bridge Pickup through early 50s Silvertone 1×15 Combo

57 Wraptail, Historic Les Paul Junior & Marshall Amp