PAF Humbucker & P90 Pickup Review


best humbuckers pickups review

From the Tone Quest Report review of the Deacons PAF set:

“Bobby Tyson is a very humble and laid back guy who just happens to wind the best sounding vintage-style humbucking pickups on the planet. We can say this because we have had more than a few authentic Gibson PAFs and many reproduction humbuckers in our possession and Tyson absolutely nails the tone, feel, dynamic response and harmonic complexity of a great PAF pickup (and they weren’t all great).”

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p90s and paf humbucker magazine review

Guitar & Bass Magazine in the UK reviewed Tyson Tone Pickup’s  Preachers PAF humbucker set and 53 Wraptail Low Wind P90 pickups. Apparently, they liked what they heard, as we got a 9/10 silver and a 10/10 gold award. Here are a couple of highlights:

“Sometimes, you just know pickups are right the moment you plug in an unremarkable guitar to find it has taken a massive leap into the serious tone zone. That’s exactly what happens when the 53-Wraptail set is installed in a Gibson Les Paul.”

“We had a couple of other PAF replica sets on hand for reference, and the results are rather illuminating: compared to a set of Gibson Custom Buckers, changing over to the Tysons sounds as if the proverbial blanket has been removed from the amp.”

– Guitar & Bass Magazine


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