The Preachers PAF Set


Depth, dimension and Bell-like tone! These PAFs are very well balanced and extremely versatile.
(Formerly known as the TTL-1 set)

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This set has a bright and clear neck pickup with bell-like tone. Great string-to-string balance with lots of beautiful overtones without the mud. Bridge pickup has classic PAF bite, very balanced mids with a bit of power to push your amp. These have that legendary front-of-the-note PAF attack and bloom.

Neck has roughcast ALNICO 4 magnet, bridge has roughcast ALNICO 2 magnet. Magnets are charged individually to very specific levels matching vintage PAF magnets that have been tested for killer sound, balance and dynamics.

*This is the set that endorsing artist Gino Matteo uses. Formerly known as the TTL-1 set

Neck 7.4K, Bridge 8.1K